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...the entire staff at Becky Hancock are very knowledgable and friendly. They also go out of their way to work with you and your busy schedule. This is the first time all of my questions and concerns were addressed when renting in a military town.


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**New Mortgage Initiative to Cover PMI for Homebuyers**

MONTGOMERY—For a limited time, homebuyers can benefit from a new mortgage enhancement—the Alabama Home Buyer Initiative—that will provide private mortgage insurance (PMI) at no cost to the borrower. This special offering is available through the Alabama Housing Finance Authority. The initiative will pay the up-front single PMI premium—saving the average homebuyer approximately $100 each month. This unique option is designed to complement AHFA’s Step Up mortgage program by providing 30-year, … [Read More...]


Who’s Paying Your Mortgage?

As a homeowner, you obviously pay for your mortgage but as an investor, your tenant does.  Equity build-up is a significant benefit of mortgaged rental property.  As the investor collects rent and pays expenses, the principal amount of the loan is reduced which increases the equity in the property.  Over time, the tenant pays for the property to the benefit of the investor.  Equity build-up occurs with normal amortization as the loan is paid down.  It can be accelerated by making additional … [Read More...]


My Client is Not a Criminal

Posted by Preston  Howard November 9, 2013 1:10:11 PM MST Stupefied is the word that I would use to describe the dismay that arises when a top notch client of impeccable financial credentials, superior credit history, and long- term streams of bonafide income is shown the laundry list of closing requirements from a bank that has expressed an interest in approving a loan request. Whether it be a multi-millionaire developer or a professor with 30 years of tenure, with a list of long, … [Read More...]